Thursday, November 3, 2016

We Need Space!

We Need Space!
For a limited time, all the eco series can be ordered separately too and free, if you pay the shipping fee!
available titles:

FCKECO 012 Toxic Chicken - Floppy Fuck lo-fi noise/techno/industrial from Thailand
FCKECO 013 mhzesent - Untitled abstract lo-fi noise/chiptune/hiphop thing from Poland
FCKECO 014 Anti-Aesthetic - Damage Done minimalistic harsh-noise from the USA
FCKECO 015 Begotten - Chirripó ambient/dark ambient from Costa Rica
FCKECO 016 Winjer3 - Blank VHS lofi ambient/abstract techno from the USA
FCKECO 017 Supaypadadá - Wasting Our Time lofi industrial/noise from Peru
FCKECO 018 Trou - A Tribute To The Jumping Bomb Angels lofi harshnoise, France
FCKECO 019 The Serpentaire - Discordance experimental/hindustani drone, France
FCKECO 020 Trou - Crackwhore Enhanced experimental noise from France
FCKECO 021 No Way Out - Untitled noisy dark ambient from France
FCKECO 022 No Way Out - Huygens experimental noise/ambient from France
FCKECO 023 Uromancist - Platitudes (experimental) harsh noise from France
FCKECO 024 Lorenzo Gomez Oviedo - ((((( experimental / sound collage from Argentina
FCKECO 025 Peza - Monday Blues / Tuesday Swing free jazz saxophone from Sweden
FCKECO 026 Eurydyka - Journey Harsh noise wall from Poland

order in email:  floppykick at gmail dot com

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