Monday, June 25, 2018

Flopy Kick Summer Sale!

There will be no new releases for a while so we announce the Floppy Kick Summer Sale!

-10 pcs from eco / or budget re-releases: 5€
-10 pcs from singles / or splits for 18€
-10 pcs of random singles / or splits for 15€
-15 or more from eco & budget series: 60% off
-15 or more from singles & split & box-sets: 60% off
-label pack: everything available: 65% off
Shipping rates can be found in the table:

All the bundles or orders above 10 pcs will automatically get the Lifetime Download Subscription too!
(more info: )

order options:
email to
PM via
Payment options: Paypal or bank transfer.
Discogs store won't apply the discounts!

Available releases without the need for completeness:
Raven, Anla Courtis, Gen 26, Kylie Minoise, The New Blockaders & Kommissar Hjuler,
Starlite Coffins, Zebra Mu, Trou and many more!

full catalog with covers:
Have fun ;)

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