Saturday, June 27, 2020

Bookwar - Breaking Hands And Teeth EP (double diskette, FCK042)

Here comes the 42nd single, which is actually a 2-diskette EP by Bookwar from Russia: Breaking Hands And Teeth.
Lo-fi industrial noisy post-hop on soviet synths, 6 tracks in 11 minutes.
Printed to heavy 343g(!) papers (printer almost died in this), each one of the 14 pcs comes with a unique artwork on the back,
made by Alexander Bayun-Gnutov.
In the inside you will find a 6-page insert with the lyrics and credits, printed to 160g papers.
Limited and numbered, 14 pcs only, 5€ each, comes with a download code as usual.
Master recordings and exclusive video (link) can be found in the Lifetime Download Subscription ;)
Lifetime Download Subscription:

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