Friday, March 9, 2018

Huge Discounts!

We have to move soon (evil landlord, etc) and also need some space for the new releases,
so here is the big opportunity (especially for new collectors):
-10 pcs from eco / or budget re-releases: 5€
-10 pcs from singles / or splits for 18€
-10 pcs of random singles / or splits for 15€
-15 or more from eco & budget series: 60% off
-15 or more from singles & split & box-sets: 60% off
-label pack: everything available: 65% off

All the releases have download codes (included inside), so don't worry
if you don't have a floppy drive or ancient computer.
We accept paypal and bank transfers of course.
"First come, first serve": we can't reserve packs, many of them are the last copies on stock.
for release pictures and order without discount:
To use discounts, order in email please (Discogs won't apply them!): floppykick at gmail dot com
Every little order helps, thanks for reading!

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