Friday, March 2, 2018

We are seeking artists for our Eco series!

We are seeking artists for our Eco series!

All of them will be released on recycled 3.5" diskettes, mostly limited to 5pcs / release (except if the preorder numbers exceeds the number).
All of them are housed into stapled, flexible pvc cases with handrwritten labels, 
also all comes with a download code.
You can check the previous materials here:

Important: there are no artist copies with free shipping, but if you order anything else through email, 1 pcs is free of course.

-1 track, mp3 / ogg / wav (can be mono, too), bitrate depends on you, 
but the recording must fit under 1.35 Mbyte.
-Must be original recording (no remixes or covers)
-No previous releases or renamed tracks from the past 
(especially if it was available @ youtube, soundcloud or free download).
-We don't release everything, but listen all and decide.
-You can send your recording to our email: floppykick at gmail dot com.

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