Sunday, December 17, 2017

New split! ormand211 (USA) / Laak Hemn (Hungary) FCKSPL 016

Aaand here is our new split (and the last for this year:),
made by ormand211 from the US and Laak Hemn from Hungary! (FCKSPL 016)
ormand211 produced a dark ambient/drone track while Laak Hemn did a shorter dungeon synth recording, in almost 9 minutes total!
Limited and hand numbered of course (18 pcs again),
comes with a download code as always. :)
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New single! Gen 26 - The Skull Content

Here comes our new single, produced by Gen 26 from Slovenia: The Skull Content.
Wonderful and energetic harsh noise in more than 1 minute!
Limited and hand-numbered edition of 18 black diskettes,
comes with a download code as usual.
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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Sale (everything is 1€) ending today!

Floppy Kick sale (everything is 1€) ending today midnight! (UTC+2)

Download codes are included for all releases!

order in email or go to our Discogs store ;)

First come, first serve, no reservations!
Paypal accepted!

Friday, December 1, 2017

New eco release again: mhzesent - Avec Rabies Columbine (FCKECO 034)

Here comes our new eco release, recorded by mhzesent from Poland: Avec Rabies Columbine.
A mono, one-track lo-fi abstract techno piece, in almost 18 minutes:)
Hand-numbered and limited edition of 5 copies only on recycled pink diskettes,
comes with a download code as usual.
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