Saturday, April 28, 2018

New eco release: Y'ha-Nthlei - Johansen's Nightmare (FCKECO 043)

Here comes our new eco release, recorded by Y'ha-Nthlei from Russia:
Johansen's Nightmare. Experimental drone/black metal in almost 12 minutes.
Hand-numbered and limited edition of 7 copies only on various colorful recycled diskettes,
comes with a download code as usual :)
Discogs entry:
Already available for subscribers here (entire Floppy Kick discography download):

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Eart Day discount (80% off) on Lifetime Download Subscription!

Today is Earth Day, so we discount the Lifetime Download Subscription with 80%, to reduce emission made by international shipping:)
Purchase it for 1.99 € only here:
This bundle contains the full Floppy Kick Records catalog,
past releases, sold-out releases and will contain future releases too.
(no need to purchase again, its a constantly updated, shared folder!)
This way you can listen all the releases, download with covers and photos of course.
Currently it is more than 700 Mb of curated, quality material (more than 100 release from 2013 till today).
You will find the link in the bonus attachment in a pdf.
Also if you purchased physical releases from us, no need to mess more with the password protected, separated downloads.
Everything in one place.
full catalog:

Sunday, April 15, 2018

new eco: mhzesent - En Flammant #1 (FCKECO 042)

Here comes our next eco release, produced by mhzesent from Poland: En Flammant #1.
Great experimental lo-fi hiphop with some broken beat,
10 track in more than 20 minutes, so rather a minialbum :)
Hand-numbered and limited edition of 6 copies only on black recycled diskettes.
Comes with a download code as usual.
Discogs entry: