For box-sets and singles we only release invitation-based recordings.

All of our compilations and the eco series are almost always open for submissions / demos !

Please note that we are not a political label.
We do not accept religious or anti-religious music. Do not mess with them.
No racism, sexism, homophobic or any radical releases.

We are open-minded, so the following styles are welcome:
all kinds of experimental, noise, ambient, musique concrète, dark sounds, hnw, avantgarde, field recordings, industrial, power electronics, lo-fi, maybe grindcore too.

All of them must be your original work, no reworks, remixes and others, just your own art.

But: How could we support your art if you don't support our work?

All the releases are limited and hand-numbered.
Forwarded mails and previously released materials will be deleted,
especially if they were available for free.
Do not sell your soul with copy-paste method.
Due to the limitation, each single-floppy artist will get 2 from them or split artist 1-1 copy.
We cannot send free copies from our compilations,
but all participants will get the package in a form of free download.
Also we cannot send free copies from the free eco-series, but if you order something else, artists can get 1 pcs from their release in the same envelope (it may change the shipping fees).

Current projects:
Eco series: 1.35 Mbyte maximum, all of them are limited to 5 pcs (except if the preorders exceeds that amount).

Compilations: We are working on compilations, so express yourself in some seconds:
 your sound must fit in 100 Kbyte and should be in mp3 or ogg format.

Country and continent series: Specified to one country's or continent's noises only, we think that it is an interesting idea to hear and compare the sounds of a specific area in one floppy.

Nothing impossible, ideas welcome!

If you send us anything, please write which project would you participate in!
After submission please do not spam us constantly about the release date.
We have a main company which almost eats all of our time, so we do this in our free time.
Compilations will be released when they are full.
Thanks for understanding.

Each submission must contain the project name, track name, country, website and in the case of singles and splits, your postal address, where we can send your copy / copies.
Also do not forget to include which project would you participate in, otherwise we will put it to the regular compilation series.

You can check the compilation and split progresses in the menu above.

Please be patient, it could take 1 or 2 weeks to reply everybody!
We reply all of them (really)!

Thanks for your interest,
label staff

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