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If you order something, please email us first because we can not update this website constantly.
Both PayPal and direct bank transfers are accpeted!
We ship within 1 business day in most cases.

Pre-2020 releases: ALL the singles and splits are discounted to 1€/pcs, forever.

Pre-2020 box-sets: Prices has been cut to half!

Releases from 2020:

Singles, splits & compilations: 3 €+ shipping (1 pcs, under 50g)
Eco & Budget series: 1€ / pcs. 
For artists: 1 pcs is free of course, if you order any other item.
Box-sets:  individual pricing
1 diskette is around 35g with packaging.

Discounts / bundles:

10 pcs or larger orders will get the Lifetime Download Subscription for free!

All prices ppd.

EU customs union countries (Spain, France, France (European Territory), Austria, Malta, Spain (Canary Islands), Belgium, Greece, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Croatia, Ireland, Luxembourg, Italy, Poland, Yugoslavia, Latvia, Portugal, Former Czechoslovakia, Finland, Romania, Cyprus, Germany, Czech Republic, Denmark, Lithuania, Sweden, Estonia, Slovenia, Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands, Slovak Republic):
0-50g: 2.5 €
50-500g: 6.5€
500-2000g: 21.5 €
registered airmail:
0-50g: 7 €
50-500g:  11 €
500-2000g: 26 €
non-EU customs union countries in Europe (San Marino, Monaco, Moldavia, Albania, Macedonia, Armenia, Faroe Islands, Former USSR, Georgia, Gibraltar, Azerbaidjan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, United Kingdom (Channel Islands), Montenegro, Greenland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Norway, Belarus, Vatican City State, Switzerland, Iceland, Serbia, Andorra, Russian Federation, Liechtenstein):
0-50g: 3.5€
50-500g: 7 €
500-2000g: 22€
registered airmail:
0-50g: 8€
50-500g: 12 €
500-2000g: 26 €
anywhere else (Americas, Africa, Australia, most of the Asian countries): registered only, sorry.
0-50g:  8€
50-500g:  12.5€
500-2000g:  29.5€

Mass of the releases may vary (depends on the type of heavy papers and diskettes too),
 we measure all packages and give you a better price if they can fit into a lower mass category.

Sometimes we make special bundle-deals, so some of the releases will be cheaper together.

We are constantly looking for distributors to spread the sounds, contact us for wholesale prices.

current shops:
Hungary:   If you are in Debrecen, we can give you diskettes and records personally!
France:  http://cielbleuetpetitsoiseaux.blogspot.fr/

Many thanks for supporting underground artists and their music!

contact / Paypal:  floppykick (worm) gmail dot com.

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