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Singles     from 2020: 3€ / pcs, old releases (pre-2020: 3  1€/pcs)

FCK 001  Eoforwine - The flood                noise ambient from Hungary, limited to 18     SOLD OUT
FCK 002  Computer Suspect - Aʞrótata (Miniature)  experimental from Greece, ltd to 18  AVALABLE
FCK 003  Arytnelanuko - Synechtrie        experimental noise from the Czech Republic, ltd to 18  AVAILABLE
FCK 004  Fecal Fetal - Mechanisms of the Hissing Field     experimental from Finland, ltd to SOLD OUT
FCK 005  Ogun Oru - Voices of Dead Memories   noise drone from Peru, ltd to 18    SOLD OUT
FCK 006 Jez PA Speelman & Adam Hunt - Classic Pop  lo-fi noise pop from Australia  AVAILABLE
FCK 007 Raven - Hadron Collider     lo-fi noise from Serbia   SOLD OUT
FCK 008 Trocomordedor - Mundo Payaso 悪質な  harshnoise from Chile  SOLD OUT
FCK 009 Der Domestizierte Mensch - Not Today  industrial noise from Germany AVAILABLE
FCK 010 Expanded Ears - Sonnets    noise/lofi from Hungary   SOLD OUT
FCK 011 Torturing Nurse - The Lowest   noise from China    SOLD OUT
FCK 012 Supaypadadá - La Sien De Ciroan  noise rock / noisegrind from Peru      AVAILABLE 
FCK 013 Xtematic - File X  experimental/noise from Croatia               AVAILABLE 
FCK 014 Loopool - Egolosses  experimental noise from US   AVAILABLE 
FCK 015 She Destroys Hope  experimental noise, Germany    AVAILABLE
FCK 016 Kylie Minoise - Flock Of Scythes   experimental noise from UK     SOLD OUT
FCK 017 Bass-O-Matic - Bonus Track   experimental bassguitar noise from Hungary  SOLD OUT
FCK 018 Spastic Burn Victim - Space Oggity  experimental / harsh noise from UK   AVAILABLE 
FCK 019 BxUxG - Froward   glitchy experimental noise from Switzerland      AVAILABLE
FCK 020 Kyary Ero Guro - Oyasumi   harsh noise from the UK             SOLD OUT
FCK 021 1UP-Collectif - Disk Hate    chiptune from France        SOLD OUT
FCK 022 Psychotic Sufferance - Untitled  noisegrind from Malaysia   AVAILABLE 
FCK 023 Melophobia - Sewn Wings / Apraxia   experimental noise from Greece   AVAILABLE
FCK 024 558701 -   22164094245332   experimental noise from Poland AVAILABLE
FCK 025 D.D.Dobson - A Cluster Of Lights  experimental noise from the US   AVAILABLE
FCK 026 Heidi Hörsturz - Ponyhof 2079   abstract experimental noise from Netherlands   AVAILABLE
FCK 027 Starlite Coffins - White Hill, Black River    dark ambient from the US       AVAILABLE
FCK 028 Nefasto Celiba - Electric Deserters   noisy lobit chiptune EP from Italy    AVAILABLE
FCK 029 23/14 - Третий Интернационал  experimental lofi ambient techno from Russia  AVAILABLE
FCK 030 Trou - Goatrape Nekroritual MMXVI  experimental noise from France              AVAILABLE
FCK 031 Binary Dirge - 3rd Loop   experimental/lofi drone noise from Russia      AVAILABLE
FCK 032 The New Blockaders & Kommissar Hjuler - Karawane #3  exp. noise from UK/Germany    SOLD OUT
FCK 033 Noestalgya - Lingser Wengi   dark ambient from Indonesia              AVAILABLE
FCK 034 Bookwar - Thermenvox Noise Sessions   noisy experimental from Russia   AVAILABLE 
FCK 035 Corroded Master - The Orator Of The Deaf    lofi indusrial ambient / EBM from the US    AVAILABLE
FCK 036 Gen 26 - The Skull Content    harsh noise from Slovenia          AVAILABLE
FCK 037 Breaklab - 1999   ts404 sofware with 39 exp. patch from Germany   AVAILABLE
FCK 038 Oad - A   harsh noise wall (hnw) from Hungary      AVAILABLE (9 pcs only!)
FCK 039 Oad - B   harsh noise wall (hnw) from Hungary      AVAILABLE (9 pcs only!)
FCK 040 People of Varia - Workshop Live Recording  exp. recordig with found objects, Netherlands  AVAILABLE
FCK 041 Dr. Kondor - Alpha   industrial / darkwave / EBM from Hungary       AVAILABLE
FCK 042 Bookwar - Breaking Hands And Teeth EP   industrial noisy post-hop from Russia  AVAILABLE  5€ (double)
FCK 043 Benjamin Efrati ft. Gnozo - Oligarchia Soundtrack   soundtrack EP from France   AVAILABLE
FCK 044 Contagious Orgasm - Disk Reading - exp noise from Japan   AVAILABLE

Splits        1€ / pcs

FCKSPL 001 Venta Protesix / Ana Venus - Pink Drive    noise from Italy and Hungary  SOLD OUT
FCKSPL 002  Chibre / Trou - Chibre / Trou split            noise from France      SOLD OUT
FCKSPL 003  Eoforwine / Chochos y Moscas    noise-ambient / noisegrind from Hungary and Spain SOLD OUT
FCKSPL 004  Refrain (USA) / Lefterna (Macedonia) noise                    AVAILABLE
FCKSPL 005   mhz_ / жертва талидомида    noise / experimental  from Poland   AVAILABLE
FCKSPL 006  Zebra Mu / Robert Ridley-Shackleton   experimental noise from UK  SOLD OUT
FCKSPL 007  Ogata Tetsuo / Shhh...  experimental ambient, Portugal         AVAILABLE
FCKSPL 008  Omut Mora (Russia) / Feldgrau (Poland)  dark ambient / experimental     AVAILABLE 
FCKSPL 009  Pregnant Lloyd / Team Phosphenes  noise/experimental from  USA and UK   AVAILABLE
FCKSPL 010  Eoforwine (Hungary) / Raven (Serbia)   noise-ambient/harsh noise      SOLD OUT
FCKSPL 011  Ego Death (Greece) / Der Domestizierte Mensch (Germany)  industrial noise   AVAILABLE
FCKSPL 012  Natal Mors (Germany) / Струп (Belarus)  lo-fi noisy industrial      AVAILABLE
FCKSPL 013 Høly Vøid (Belgium) / Tristan Burfield (UK) dark ambient / chiptune      AVAILABLE
FCKSPL 014 Greg Shapley (Australia) / MWroblewski (Poland) glitchy ambient/experimental  AVAILABLE
FCKSPL 015 Velvet Worm / Южная Ликантропия ‎– experimental noise/dark ambient/drone from Russia     AVAILABLE 
FCKSPL 016 ormand211 / Laak Hemn - experimental dark ambien and dungeon synth from the US and Hungary  AVAILABLE
FCKSPL 017 Royal Hungarian Noisemakers / Stigmatic Destruction - exp. noise from Hungary     AVAILABLE 

Compilations         1€ / pcs

Floppy Kick Vol. 1.                                                                               SOLD OUT

01: Pandemic Sound Experience       dark ambient / drone, Hungary
02: Eoforwine                                 ambient noise, Hungary
03: Aster                                        ambient soul, USA
04: Ogun Oru                                  noise, Peru
05: Der Domestizierte Mensch         industrial noise, Germany
06: Fecal Fetal                                industrial / ambient, Finland
07: Thee Psionic Assembly               drone ambient, USA
08: Porraloka                                  noisegrind, Brazil
09: Aokigahara                               noise ambient, Costa Rica
10: Eraritjaritjaka                           experimental, USA
11: Expanded Ears                           noise rock, Hungary
12: Trou                                         harsh noise, France

Specimen - Featuring Cleveland, Ohio Area Music Experimentalists     SOLD OUT
full tracklist here: 

Floppy Kick Europe Vol. 1:    SOLD OUT
ltd to 27 pcs only.

01: Eoforwine                                 noise / ambient, Hungary
02: Pandemic Sound Experience    dark ambient / drone, Hungary
03: Омутъ Мора                          dark ambient / experimental, Russia
04: Chochos y Moscas                  grindcore / noisegrind, Spain
05: Fecal Fetal                            industrial / ambient, Finland
06: Trou                                     industrial noise / noise, France
07: mhzesent                              noise / harsh noise, Poland
08: Gen 26                                  harsh noise, Slovenia
09: No Way Out                           industrial, France
10: Olivier W.                               dark ambient, Belgium
11: The Serpentaire                      industrial, France
12: MWroblewski                       drone, Poland


Floppy Kick Vol. 2.   ltd to 18 pcs    AVAILABLE 

1: mhzesent    (Poland)
2: Decenyl (USA)
3: Rasalasad (Portugal)
4: Fuc Lerrari (France)
5: Survey Control (Australia)
6: Generating Station Complex (UK)
7: Binary Dirge (Russia)

8: Gamma Function (Poland)

9: Wendigo (Russia)

10: Mark Lyken (UK)

11: Dan Of Earth (US)

12: Bee Spit (US)


Eco Series      all limited to 5 or 10 copies only!   1 € / pcs.

FCKBS 001  Brztot - Yavula eg othor kulmor   vocal black ambient minialbum from Peru   SOLD OUT
FCKBS 002  Noisuicide - Floppy Zombie             noise single from Peru                              SOLD OUT
FCKBS 003  mhzesent - We have the drone ambience       drone ambient from Poland         SOLD OUT
FCKBS 004  Arytnelanuko - Cugsmanbemi   noise from Czech Republic                             SOLD OUT
FCKBS 005  Ogun Oru - Dead child on my window   experimental noise from Peru           SOLD OUT
FCKBS 006  Toxic Chicken - On A Budget   (minialbum) abstract lo-fi from Thailand        SOLD OUT
FCKBS 007  Ogun Oru - Lost and forgotten mental places (video)  from Peru                      SOLD OUT
FCKBS 008  Gen 26 - Spazztronic          lo-fi/ experimental from Slovenia                           SOLD OUT
FCKBS 009  Peza - Nachthorn  experimental noise from Sweden                                  SOLD OUT
FCKBS 010 Supaypadadá - Life Is Absurd   noisegrind, Peru                                        SOLD OUT
FCKBS 011 Auvikogue - ? Syntax Error 2    experimental from Germany                             SOLD OUT
FCKECO 012 Toxic Chicken - Floppy Fuck   lo-fi noise/techno/industrial from Thailand    SOLD OUT
FCKECO 013  mhzesent - Untitled  abstract lo-fi noise/chiptune/hiphop thing from Poland  SOLD OUT
FCKECO 014  Anti-Aesthetic - Damage Done   minimalistic harsh-noise from the USA       SOLD OUT
FCKECO 015 Begotten - Chirripó  ambient/dark ambient from Costa Rica                           SOLD OUT
FCKECO 016 Winjer3 - Blank VHS  lofi ambient/abstract techno from the USA                 LAST COPY!
FCKECO 017 Supaypadadá - Wasting Our Time  lofi industrial/noise from Peru                 AVAILABLE
FCKECO 018 Trou - A Tribute To The Jumping Bomb Angels  lofi harshnoise, France      SOLD OUT
FCKECO 019 The Serpentaire - Discordance  experimental/hindustani drone, France        SOLD OUT
FCKECO 020 Trou - Crackwhore Enhanced  experimental noise from France                     SOLD OUT
FCKECO 021  No Way Out - Untitled   noisy dark ambient from France                            SOLD OUT
FCKECO 022  No Way Out - Huygens     experimental noise/ambient from France        LAST COPY!
FCKECO 023  Uromancist - Platitudes   (experimental) harsh noise from France          SOLD OUT
FCKECO 024  Lorenzo Gomez Oviedo - (((((   experimental / sound collage from Argentina SOLD OUT
FCKECO 025  Peza - Monday Blues / Tuesday Swing   free jazz saxophone from Sweden    AVAILABLE
FCKECO 026  Eurydyka - Journey       Harsh noise wall from Poland                                SOLD OUT
FCKECO 027  Bol E Zen - Gray Land AM  experimental/dark ambient from Slovenia     AVAILABLE
FCKECO 028  Lazyimbuzi - 042   raw grind/noise rock from Indonesia              AVAILABLE
FCKECO 029  mhzesent - Affineverse  lo-fi experimental EP from Poland             AVAILABLE
FCKECO 030 Kaarel Mihk - Teine Teisel Pool Akent   IDM/experimental from Estonia    AVAILABLE
FCKECO 031 Victor Zhdanov - Microcassette Audiocollage 001  exp. audiocollage from Russia   AVAILABLE 
FCKECO 032  Starblood - Dragon, Ancient Serpent   lofi black metal from the USA     AVAILABLE 
FCKECO 033  Survey Control - Decompression   lo-fi ambient from Australia     SOLD OUT
FCKECO 034  mhzesent - Avec Rabies Columbine - lo-fi abstract techno from Poland     SOLD OUT
FCKECO 035  Trou - Vuvmrfrm(z^pmvzlpuyser   HNW from France        SOLD OUT
FCKECO 036  Fuc Lerrari - Scadioropie OST   abstract / lofi experimental ambient from France  SOLD OUT
FCKECO 037  Lord Cernunnos - When The Rain Comes   lofi noise from the US     SOLD OUT
FCKECO 038  Tristan Burfield - Death Wish chiptune / industrial from the UK   LAST COPY!
FCKECO 039  Norflok Trotter - Old Shales      lo-fi HNW from the UK     SOLD OUT 
FCKECO 040  Hari Hardman - There are Things We'll Never Know...  exp. noise from the UK   AVAILABLE
FCKECO 041  Chefkirk - My Computer   experimental noise from the US     SOLD OUT
FCKECO 042  mhzesent - En Flammant #1  lofi experimental hiphop from Poland        AVAILABLE
FCKECO 043  Y'ha-Nthlei - Johansen's NIghtmare  experimental drone / black metal from Russia     AVAILABLE
FCKECO 044  Binary Dirge - Magnetic Storm  experimental dark ambient from Russia      SOLD OUT
FCKECO 045  Kaarel Mihk - Vaevatu Vigin   experimental noise from Estonia    AVAILABLE
FCKECO 046  Zebra Mu - Rough Parts   experimental circuit bent noise from the UK     SOLD OUT
FCKECO 047  Chakravarti Shiravadakar - Nakshatra Ranganekary  lofi sludge noise punk from Italy  AVAILABLE
FCKECO 048  Blast Beat Happening - Crust A Shadow  lofi noisecore/powerviolence from Singapore AVAILABLE
FCKECO 049  Anandananda - Untitled 2  lofi acoustic/anti-folk/spoken word from Italy   AVAILABLE
FCKECO 050  Vikramaditya - Ajagavakar  lofi instrumental alter rock from Italy   AVAILABLE
FCKECO 051  The Undying - Black Arrows  lofi experimental ambient from Poland   AVAILABLE
FCKECO 052  mhzesent - Turning Deaders Into Headers   lofi ambient and harsh noise from Poland  AVAILABLE
FCKECO 053  Zoned - Maquette   dark ambient from Italy    AVAILABLE
FCKECO 054  Unknown Artist - Untitled      Harsh noise     AVAILABLE
FCKECO 055  Duskfall - Katsuhiro  lofi dubtechno from the US   AVAILABLE
FCKECO 056 Yasuyuki Uesugi ‎– Inability To Perform Social Activities Is Considered Inferior   exp.noise from Japan  AVAILABLE
FCKECO 057 Binary Dirge - Infected Cell  exp drony noise from Russia      AVAILABLE 
FCKECO 058 Digitech $hawty - 不協和音1999   gorenoise from Hungary  SOLD OUT
FCKECO 059 Gamma Function - Coherence  exp.noise from Poland   AVAILABLE

FCKECO 060 ANN Project -What Is Broken Is Not Lost   exp noise from the US  AVAILABLE
FCKECO 061 Tanto - [ˈe̞na]   exp. noise from Greece    
FCKECO 062  ins - Stonsynth   experimental noise from South Korea   AVAILABLE
FCKECO 063 Dried Foxglove  tracker noise from FR/US     AVAILABLE
FCKECO 064 Bodygarden - Terror Of Mechagarden  industrial/exp.noise from Germany   AVAILABLE
FCKECO 065 Little Death - Baby Farming   lofi exp noise from Greece     AVAILABLE
FCKECO 066 Woodgrain Wizard - Not Part Of The Books Of Bokonon - And That Truth Is A Shameless Lie      experimental sound poetry & drone from the Netherlands                               AVAILABLE
FCKECO 067 ABKI - Wave / Slump   chiptune EP from the UK   AVAILABLE
FCKECO 068 Tristan Burfield - Bridal March   chiptune song from the UK AVAILABLE
FCKECO 069 wUB.Man69 - The Acid Dogfucker  acid / noise from the UK    AVAILABLE
FCKECO 070 JumpError - Interference    exp. noise from Portugal    AVAILABLE
FCKECO 071 Humanfobia - †ONӨ FAN†ΔSMA    exp. noise/dark ambient from Chile  AVAILABLE
FCKECO 072 Lärmschutz - Cosmic Inflation  exp. noise/free jazz from the Netherlands  AVAILABLE
FCKECO 073 Sample Bandit - The Secret  Dnb / jungle from Hungary   SOLD OUT
FCKECO 074 Sam Fauchon - Telephone EP noisy chiptune/hardcore/gabber/breakcore from the US  AVAILABLE
FCKECO 075 _R_K_ - Floppy  exp noise/harsh noise from the
Czech Republic   AVAILABLE
FCKECO 076 King Tiger - Gamer Magic  exp breakcore from the US      AVAILABLE
FCKECO 077 Stockport Swimming Team - Sun In Your Head  Abstract experimental noise from the UK  AVAILABLE
FCKECO 078 Lord Cernunnos - Are You Ready To Die  exp. abstr. dark ambient EP from the US   AVAILABLE
FCKECO 079 Gamma Function - Untitled Drone Work   drone from Poland   AVAILABLE
FCKECO 080 Noxw - Spall 1  exp. dnb/idm/breakcore from Europe AVAILABLE
FCKECO 081 Noxw - Spall 2  exp. dnb/idm/breakcore from Europe AVAILABLE
FCKECO 082 Noxw - Spall 3 exp. dnb/idm/breakcore from Europe  AVAILABLE
FCKECO 083 Noxw - Random Spalls  exp. dnb/idm/breakcore from Europe  DIGITAL ONLY


Budget Series re-releases:

FCKBS RE 001  Brztot - Yavula eg othor kulmor   vocal black ambient minialbum from Peru   AVAILABLE
FCKBS RE 002  Noisuicide - Floppy Zombie             noise single from Peru                              AVAILABLE
FCKBS RE 003  mhzesent - We have the drone ambience       drone ambient from Poland         SOLD OUT
FCKBS RE 004  Arytnelanuko - Cugsmanbemi   noise from Czech Republic                             AVAILABLE
FCKBS RE 005  Ogun Oru - Dead child on my window   experimental noise from Peru           AVAILABLE
FCKBS RE 006  Toxic Chicken - On A Budget   (minialbum) abstract lo-fi from Thailand        SOLD OUT
FCKBS RE 007  Ogun Oru - Lost and forgotten mental places (video)  from Peru                      LAST COPY!
FCKBS RE 008  Gen 26 - Spazztronic          lo-fi/ experimental from Slovenia                           AVAILABLE
FCKBS RE 009  Peza - Nachthorn  experimental noise from Sweden                                  AVAILABLE
FCKBS RE 010 Supaypadadá - Life Is Absurd   noisegrind, Peru                                        AVAILABLE
FCKBS RE 011 Auvikogue - ? Syntax Error 2    experimental from Germany                             LAST COPY!

Box Sets

FCKBX 001  Kisszanto - Dajkáim    experimental/downtempo, Hungary 

plastic box-set (5 diskettes) with full covers and a sticker   Ltd to 12 pcs only   9€            SOLD OUT

FCKBX 002:  mhzesent - The Kindlove Demos, Vol. 1.   experimental hiphop, Poland

10-diskette plastic box-set with 2 sticker, insert with lyrics in Polish and English,ltd to 5 pcs  12€  SOLD OUT


FCKBX 003: No Way Out - Machines Room

experimental industrial from France, 6 diskette wooden box-set, limited to 12 pcs. Hand-numbered with pyrograph, sealed in black plastic web.     12 €   SOLD OUT

FCKBX 004:  Anla Courtis - Kayrophonics (4-diskette box-set)  ltd to 20 pcs

experimental from Argentina                         12€                                         AVAILABLE

FCKBX 005:  Melophobia - Magnetic Unreconstructed (4-diskette box-set) ltd to 8 pcs    experimental noise from Greece      SOLD OUT

FCKBX 006: Trou - Archiva  (6-diskette, limited to 16 pcs)     15 €       AVAiLABLE

FCKBX 007: Kisszanto - Fake Computer Music (5-diskette, ltd to 10 copies)  12€  AVAILABLE

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