Wednesday, October 30, 2019

news+ discount

Some of the releases are now available from Underbelly Soundartmedia & at Varia, Rotterdam:
These releases are sold out:
-Chibre / Trou Split
-Fecal Fetal single
-Trocomordedor single
-Bass-O-Matic single
-1-Up Collectif single.
Now all the singles & splits are discounted to 1€ only and box-set prices has been cut to half to make some space for the new ones, get them while you can:
Also order at least 5 release & you will get a Floppy Kick laser-cut & engraved wooden keyring too ;)

Saturday, October 19, 2019

New single (FCK 040): People of Varia - Double Density workshop live recording

The new single has been recorded in Varia, Rotterdam 2019.10.19.
Recording is made with found objects and one Korg Monotron Delay.
Recording has been cut to 1 minute only.
Limited to 60 copies, comes with a download code as usual :)
Sounds made by:  Dennis De Bel, Ewoud Van Den Vliet, Ioana Raileanu, Lídia Pereira, Mathijs Van Oosterhaudt, Mária Ivancsó, Nadia Van Essen, Newk, Niek Hilkmann, Rastus, Thomas Walskaar, Vincent Schenck

Mixed by Tamás Szántó
Recorded and edited by Mark Windisch

The release has been cut and assembled at the venue by the attendees!

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